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the exorcism of emily rose [entries|friends|calendar]
the exorcism of emily rose

she     is     screaming     
"what     happened     to     emily?"
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[21 Feb 2007|07:30pm]

hello. i just joined because i happen to like this kinda stuff.
anyway, i have a few questions.
Does anyone know what happens to your mind when your being possessed? like, with "emily," what was going through her mind when the "demon" was in control of her?
Do you know youre being possessed?
Um, i think thats it. Answers or thoughts would be appreciated!
of emily rose

[29 Dec 2006|07:51pm]

This is a mixed fandom post with icons from FearDotCom, Queen of The Damned, Underworld, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and googled surreal art images.
Comment! I love to hear from you. Even when you describe the reasons I suck in vivid detail.
Credit! Please credit noisywallflower if you use any of these icons. You just need to leave a little note in the keywords.
32.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 9.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 18.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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[31 Mar 2006|03:47pm]

weee! fixed the layout so we have a header again.

methinks i'm going to watch Exorcism of Emily Rose tonight. just stay home in my jammies with some doughnuts and 7up and curl up under a blanket with my favourite stuffed animal and watch it.

before i saw the movie, i was under the impression that the girls first name was Emily Rose. afterwards i was so surprised to find out that Rose is supposed to be her last name.

ta :)
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[30 Mar 2006|09:55am]

10 exorcism of emily rose icons

are over at my graphics journal

ignore the purple border, its not part of the icon. comment and credit

credit to: scenceable

follow the cut HERE
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new member! [22 Mar 2006|06:02pm]

hey guys, I'm new, I stumbled upon this place in search of icons. well, I do make my own but my program died, so maybe if I get it fixed in the future I'll make some emily graphics.

I saw the movie, its amazing. I look forward to more community-filled fun in the future to come. :D
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[03 Mar 2006|02:23pm]

18 icons from The Exorcism of Emily Rose mostly centered on Jennifer Carpenter/Emily Rose
Comment, credit, enjoy
11. 16.
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[04 Jan 2006|10:57pm]

[ mood | happy ]

I seen the traliers and everything for the Emily Rose moive and have been wanting to see it for a while now. I just bought and watched the DVD today and thought it was really good. It wasnt as nearly scary as I orgianally thought it would be but I still really liked the moive. and i Only have one Icon to post that i just made to day as well. Its alittle smaller than the normal ones cause its really the first time ive every made one. well i hope you like it.

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I'm the only one who posts here O.o [18 Dec 2005|01:25pm]

On tuesday, Best Buy will have the "Special Edition Widescreen Unrated Version" of the DVD :D It was in the paper. I think it'll be around $30.

"Follow real exorcists as the work to cast out the demons of the afflicted"
"Featuring Father Gabriele Amorth, renowned as the Vatican's chief exorcist"
"Examines science's explanation of the phenomenon of possession and exorcism"

Also, it'll be on Amazon for $20.26.
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[27 Nov 2005|11:20pm]

"Sony Pictures Home Entertainment have announced the Region 1 DVD release of The Exorcism of Emily Rose for 20th December 2005 priced at $28.95 SRP" ~ http://www.dvdtimes.co.uk/content.php?contentid=58977

Also, there's a few clips from the movie and some article links here -- http://www.moviesonline.ca/film727.htm
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Position [27 Nov 2005|08:56pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Picture request.

Anyone have a screenshot of the 'Emily Rose Position', as I so affectionately call it?

It's the one where the guy was telling what he saw and how he wakes up and she's all twisted up on the floor.

I'd greatly appreciate it!

2 exorcisms of emily rose

[20 Oct 2005|07:30am]

Hi, i was wondering what the names of the six demons that possesed Emily, I'm just kind of interested in their background. Thank you.
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Just saw it.... [20 Sep 2005|03:19am]

[ mood | indescribable ]

The Exorcism of Emily Rose was perhaps one of the best movies I have ever seen. The acting was incredible and I love the story. To think that this is based on something real is amazing. It's gotten me where I wanna look into it and read more about it. I had been wanting to see this for some time now and now that I've seen it, I was not disappointed at all. Jennifer Carpenter is, without a doubt, a very talented person. I hope to see her in much more!
I can't wait for DVD! It's definitely a must have item!

Take care.


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[18 Sep 2005|07:28pm]

[ mood | content ]

Okay, in the film they mentioned her using both of her vocal cords or whatever. Is that really possible? I was wondering that and it seems kind of cool...or whatever. Can someone give me some feedback?

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[16 Sep 2005|02:50am]


Hi, I just joined the community. I saw the movie today and I thought it was excellent. I had been hearing that it wasnt very good and that it wasnt scary so I didnt know what to expect but I thought it was amazing and extremely creepy. It was one of the rare movies that really got my emotions into it and really made me feel something for... I feel weird that I feel such a connection to this movie and am so drawn in by it... I cant really explain it... But I really am fascinated by it and am now going to try and find out about the actual story it is based on.

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Just got back from the theater [11 Sep 2005|11:50pm]

I just saw The Exorcism of Emily Rose and I thought it was great. The story was told the way I expected it and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing the different arguments between Religion and Science. Very interesting story. I'm intrigued to learn of the real Emily Rose (Can't remember the real girl's name at this time). Great movie.
3 exorcisms of emily rose

[12 Sep 2005|12:35am]

we now have 15 members! i'm quite pleased.

i saw The Exorcism of Emily Rose today. it wasn't what i expected but i still liked it. the theatre was packed, i had to sit in the second row. there was this guy next to me and he kept falling asleep AND SNORING! during the quiet parts the whole theatre could hear him and they laughed but i didn't because i was next to him and it was ruining it for me. so i would poke and poke and poke him until he woke up and then he'd stop but then he'd fall back asleep and snore some more! that pissed me off.
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[11 Sep 2005|06:40pm]
Hello, im new to this community but not to LJ, my name's Brytnee, and i just saw Emily Rose last night. I expected a horror flick but it was a lot more. It made me question my own beliefs, part of it almost made me cry. I thought it was very well done, and very powerful. I think people will be talking about this film for a long time, or atleast they should.
Anyway, i found some interesting articles about Anneliese Michel, the girl the film was based on...

from: http://www.moviesonline.ca/movienews_1253.html


http://www.fotofetch.com/ (this site has pictures of Anneliese!)

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[11 Sep 2005|04:46pm]

I made an Emily Rose WP from images from the trailer. Click to make it big.

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Hi! [10 Sep 2005|11:42pm]

I've been counting down to the release date of this movie ever since I saw the trailer at the beginning of Dark Water. I'm very interested in Catholic parables and mythology and I'm EXTREMELY interested in neurology and psychiatry so this movie sounded perfect for me! I thought that it was very well done and that Jennifer Carpenter, Laura Linney, and the rest of the cast did a beautiful job acting.
I made these a long time ago from caps I made from the movie trailer. Because they're from the trailer there are no real spoilers.
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today's the day [09 Sep 2005|06:40pm]

The Exorcism of Emily Rose comes out today! i'm excited, are you? i can't wait to see it. i'm going on Sunday - i hate going to see a movie on the day it comes out because there are usually a million idiots screaming during it. unless the movie is restricted, that is. i think Emily Rose is restricted in the States - can anyone living in the States verify this for me? - but in Canada it's rated 14A (because Canadian movie ratings are different than American.)

i look forward to discussing the movie after i see it! do post and tell what you thought, just remember to tuck anything spoiler-ish behind a livejournal cut!
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